Are you a small indie team with a cool game you want to port to consoles and no resources? We can help, reach out!

Email: general@spoiledcat.com

Twitter: sh4na

Twitch: sh4na

About Spoiled Cat

Spoiled Cat is a games tooling and porting studio run by Andreia Gaita. Our goal is to help small indie teams port their games to consoles, and to improve their game creation workflows by improving their build pipelines, version control and collaboration tooling, putting together useful automation, creating custom tools for game design, and generally provide small teams with the tools and expertise they need to successfully ship games across all platforms.

About Andreia Gaita

Andreia Gaita is a freelance cross-platform games and tools developer, working on porting indie games to console and putting occasional pixels on screens. For the past 18 years, she has been involved in the development of game engines, applications, open source tools and libraries, and has been an engineering manager and tech lead at companies like GitHub, Unity, and Xamarin. She is the author of GitHub for Unity and GitHub for Visual Studio, a longtime Mono project contributor and the original porter of F# for Linux. She hails from the sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal, and currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she bikes a lot (when it’s warm and the risk of plague is low).