Boston, a hackfest

Publish date: June 29, 2012
Tags: conferences hackfest hacking open source

The Mono & Gnome Festival of Love 2012 is in full swing here in Boston, thanks to the wonderfully stubborn David Nielsen, which got everyone together, got us a great room to work in at the Microsoft NERD Center, and sponsorship by Fluendo, Xamarin, GNOME and PluralSight.

Day 2 of the hackfest has just finished, and it was quite an eventful day. After a slow start yesterday (particularly for me, as I managed to completely kill OSX so thoroughly that it wouldn’t boot and required a full restore (all hail up to date Time Machine backups)), today was a pretty interesting day.

Highlights of the day include a loooong conversation with the gobject-introspection people, determining exactly how broken gir is and how that affects our C# binding generation, loud complaining saved for posterity in (which we’re using to track our tasks and found to be a very neat and useful webapp), watching Google IO in style thanks to the wonderful resources provided by the Microsoft NERD Center (really, their facilities are top notch), generally discussing geeky stuff and the road forward for Mono & Gnome, and having a late dinner and lots of margaritas at the Border CafĂ© (which is still one of my favourite places in Boston, naysayers be damned).

All in all, a great hackfest, and we’re just getting started!