Gnome Developer Experience Hackfest 2013

The Aftermath After finally getting rid of a really bad cold, here I am reporting about the DevX hackfest that took place right before FOSDEM, at the Betagroup Coworking Space, a very nice coworking place in Brussels with excellent access and great facilities. The hackfest, organized by Alberto Ruiz (thanks!) and sponsored by the Gnome Foundation, had the goal of improving the application developer experience on the desktop, and lasted for three days, with plenty of discussions on a variety of topics, from tooling and IDEs, documentation, languages, libraries to bundling, distribution and sandboxing (and more).

Ooops, Is It FOSDEM Time Already?

I guess it is! As always, FOSDEM is great fun, and once again we had a Mono room with lots of great talks! Especially enjoyed Mark Probst and Jo Shields talks, now I know what happens when the deb folks get a hold on our packages, and why we never get our finalizers called in order in Moonlight! As for my talk, the important bits were that I didn’t go over the time, nobody snored, and I made sure there were plenty of lolcats!

A small Fosdem wrapup

The other weekend I was in Brussels for FOSDEM. As you know, this year we had a Mono room on sunday, thanks to the amazing efforts of Ruben Vermeersch and Stéphane Delcroix. The conference was great, as it always is, although as usual as didn’t get to see much of the talks on saturday - busy preparing my own talk about Moonlight, and meeting people, which is one of the parts I enjoy most at FOSDEM.

Mono Developer Room for FOSDEM 2010!

Some excellent news out of Brussels today, there is going to be a Mono Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010! Call for participation is now open, so come and join us put together an awesome Mono day at FOSDEM! Thank you so much to Ruben Vermeersch for spearheading this effort, together with Stéphane Delcroix. You guys rock! Don’t forget, send in your talk!