Chrome and Moonlight, or how to deadlock a browser

It’s no secret that Moonlight works best on Firefox at the moment - it’s our baseline browser, after all - but we’ve had many requests to add Chrome support, and since it supports NPAPI just like all browsers out there, it should really work out of the box, requiring only some extra code to implement/hackify stuff that Chrome/WebKit doesn’t expose and that we need - basically, DOM support and some downloader tweaks.

New phone, Moonlight almost upon us and other little tidbits from the week

First off, Moonlight news: 2.0 is almost upon us (or upon you, in any case). The official release date is not set yet, but it is going to be in the next two weeks, so if you have bugs that need fixing for the release, speak now or forever hold your peace. Well, not forever forever… you know what I mean :) A simple phone This week I got supremely frustrated with my phone(s).

Moonlight shining on Ubuntu

This morning the first thing on the channel was the following excellent news, that I shall now reproduce directly as-read: <directhex> it's official, moon binaries are now trivially installable on any ubuntu 9.04 system <directhex> the 1-click url is [apt:moonlight-plugin-mozilla](apt:moonlight-plugin-mozilla) Awesome stuff directhex, many thanks ot you and everyone else that helped shine a bit of moonlight on jaunty! PS: directhex also noted that the build servers are busy building, so not all architectures might be available right now, just give it a bit of time :)