OSX, the Air and Recovery Mode, or how to make amazing software

This morning I decided I needed a case-sensitive partition on my MacBook Air. It comes with a nice juicy 250GB SSD and I still have about 140GB left, so, having woken up in an adventurous mood, I open up Disk Utility, peer at the partition, note it doesn’t complain at me if I shrink it a bit, so I go ahead and resize it. I do this, of course, without killing any of the 30 tabs open on Chrome, or closing down the 3 server connections and about 30 channels on LimeChat, not to mention the 10 terminal sessions running various scripts and remote shells, or any of the ton of widgets and apps happily fidgeting in the background.

Something I drew...

Today I happened to be looking for a pic on my hd, and I came across the following picture. First off, translation: Top: “Citizen calling the tax service helpdesk so as not to waste the time of actually going there.” Bottom: “The good thing is you get to hear a nice lullaby while you wait.” I drew this in Photoshop, carelessly doodling, while waiting for the helpdesk callcenter to pick up my call.