PancakesCon 2022 CTF, a write up

The PancakesCon 2022 CTF happened on January 16 2022 (writing that down just so I keep track of this stuff in the old pre-covid calendar way), and our awesome SpaceCows team led by the wonderful apiratemoo got second place! Well, tied to second place, but given how many CTF noobs we were, haha that’s a feat! This was my first time doing a CTF, and I was definitely [insert pic of dog with no clue here].

OSX, the Air and Recovery Mode, or how to make amazing software

This morning I decided I needed a case-sensitive partition on my MacBook Air. It comes with a nice juicy 250GB SSD and I still have about 140GB left, so, having woken up in an adventurous mood, I open up Disk Utility, peer at the partition, note it doesn’t complain at me if I shrink it a bit, so I go ahead and resize it. I do this, of course, without killing any of the 30 tabs open on Chrome, or closing down the 3 server connections and about 30 channels on LimeChat, not to mention the 10 terminal sessions running various scripts and remote shells, or any of the ton of widgets and apps happily fidgeting in the background.

Mono Developer Room for FOSDEM 2010!

Some excellent news out of Brussels today, there is going to be a Mono Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010! Call for participation is now open, so come and join us put together an awesome Mono day at FOSDEM! Thank you so much to Ruben Vermeersch for spearheading this effort, together with Stéphane Delcroix. You guys rock! Don’t forget, send in your talk!

New phone, Moonlight almost upon us and other little tidbits from the week

First off, Moonlight news: 2.0 is almost upon us (or upon you, in any case). The official release date is not set yet, but it is going to be in the next two weeks, so if you have bugs that need fixing for the release, speak now or forever hold your peace. Well, not forever forever… you know what I mean :) A simple phone This week I got supremely frustrated with my phone(s).

A little browser sample

By popular demand, here is the sample that I used at the ENEI presentation - a browser in 12 lines of code.

It's that time of the year again!

Hack week! does little jiggly dance If you’re not familiar with what it is, here’s the gist of it: For one week, all the geeks at Novell stop what they’re doing and dive into a project of their choice. That’s right, a full week of pure, anadulterated hacking! This year I’m going to use this week to scratch an hitch I’ve been having with bugzilla, by getting together a proper GUI for the thing, together with uber-hacker Marek Habersack.

Some busy days ahead

I had written this huge post about how awesome the Mono Summit in Madrid was, how great it was to meet everyone (some again, some for the first time face-to-face), how much I learned from talking and sharing ideas and watching the presentations… and then @#$@$% synergy went and turned on control again and when I scrolled, the entire page was gone! gnnngnnnngnn Of course, the autosave function didn’t work either, so I was left with the title and the first line….