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Codebits 2014 - 3 days of fun

Wherein I spend three days demo’ing the Oculus Rift, hacking on a portable VR rig with a Raspberry Pi, riding RiftCycles, and mobilizing the entire medical emergency and firemen staff on call due to an extremely nuclear chili experience (rumours of my demise were greatly exagerated).

Gnome Developer Experience Hackfest 2013

The Aftermath After finally getting rid of a really bad cold, here I am reporting about the DevX hackfest that took place right before FOSDEM, at the Betagroup Coworking Space, a very nice coworking place in Brussels with excellent access and great facilities. The hackfest, organized by Alberto Ruiz (thanks!) and sponsored by the Gnome Foundation, had the goal of improving the application developer experience on the desktop, and lasted for three days, with plenty of discussions on a variety of topics, from tooling and IDEs, documentation, languages, libraries to bundling, distribution and sandboxing (and more).

Boston, a hackfest

The Mono & Gnome Festival of Love 2012 is in full swing here in Boston, thanks to the wonderfully stubborn David Nielsen, which got everyone together, got us a great room to work in at the Microsoft NERD Center, and sponsorship by Fluendo, Xamarin, GNOME and PluralSight. Day 2 of the hackfest has just finished, and it was quite an eventful day. After a slow start yesterday (particularly for me, as I managed to completely kill OSX so thoroughly that it wouldn’t boot and required a full restore (all hail up to date Time Machine backups)), today was a pretty interesting day.

Some busy days ahead

As Mono 2.0.1 is rolling out, I’ll be having a few busy days ahead talking about it. First, at ENEI'08 in Aveiro this sunday October 26, where I’ll be doing a presentation on Mono and integrating a roundtable on mobility and convergence. On November 8th, it’s back to Aveiro for the GLUA TechSessions, where besides me talking about Mono, there’s going to be talks about Gnome, WebKit and much more.

Slides from ENOS 2008 Mono Session

By popular demand, I’m putting up the slides from my afternoon session on the Mono project, presented last weekend (September 6) at ENOS 2008, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto. The talk covers our platform architecture, development status, and takes a look at some of the leading desktop applications built on Mono technology. Download PDF A big thank you goes out to all who attended and made this great event possible, and especially to Carlos Gonçalves, who organized it all and did an awesome job!

Microsoft disponibiliza código fonte

Como já devem ter lido por aí, a Microsoft anunciou que irá disponibilizar o código fonte da maioria das bibliotecas do .NET 3.5. O código estará disponível para download, e estará integrado no Visual Studio 2008, pelo que passará a ser possível fazer debug ao .NET, tal como, aliás, o pessoal do Java já pode fazer há uma data de anos. Já houve muitas reacções e comentários a esta notícia. Como parte integrante da equipa do Mono, não posso deixar de frisar o seguinte aviso: